India Chapter of the International Federation of Film Critics

Reports 2019

Jury assignments

In 2019 following members were selected by HO for the international jury assignments:

Ms. Rekha Deshpande (Dhaka 10-18 Jan 2019) Served.

Mr. Siraj Syed (Bangalore 21-28 Feb 2019) Served.

Ms. Meena Karnik (Ankara 23-30 May 2019) Served.

Ms. Rekha Deshpande (Toronto 5-15 Sept 2019) Failed due to accident.

Mr. Prem Chand (Busan 3-12 Oct 2019) Served.

Mr. Ashok Kumar (Taipei 8-24 Nov 2019) Served. 

Mr. Siladitya Sen (Kerala 6-13 Dec 2019) Served.

Besides above, Mr. N. Vidyashankar was also selected and served in St. Petersburg Colloquium (11-13 Nov 2019).

Publication Of Annual Printed Journal ‘Cine-India’

First issue (Nov 2019) of CINE-INDIA, the printed journal of Fipresci-India, was published on 24 Nov 2019 at the 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) Goa. This 96 Pgs. publication contains 18 contributions from the members. It’s a priced publication with a cover price of 200 INR (5 USD) per copy available on demand (with additional courier charge).

Publication of Quarterly Web Magazine ‘E-CineIndia’

Following Four Issues of the Quarterly Web Magazine “E-CineIndia” were published in 2019:

Jan-Mar issue published on 14 April 2019 with 08 contributions. 

April-June issue published on 29 June 2019 with 16 contributions. 

July-Sept issue published on 30 Sept 2019 with 20 contributions. 

Oct-Dec issue published on 26 Dec 2019 with 14 contributions.

“E-CineIndia” got Registered with the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) provided by the National Science Library, ISSN National Centre, India with ISSN Regn. No. 2582-2500. 

“E-CineIndia” is accessible free of charge at the link:

Mentoring Workshop at Calicut University

A three-days Mentoring Workshop on Film Criticism was organised from 16 to 18 Dec 2019 at the Calicut University in collaboration with the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy and Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Chair of Calicut University. Dr. Etami Borjan, Professor of the Film Studies of Zagreb University inaugurated the Workshop. Mr. V K Joseph, Mr. M K Raghavendra, Mr. Madhu Eravankara, Mr. N Vidyashankar, Mr. G P Ramachandran, Ms. Etami Borjan, Ms. Anu Pappachan, Mr. Prem Chand, Mr. I Sahnmughadas, Mr. P K Rajasekharan and Mr. Premendra Mazumder conducted the sessions attended by 40+ film enthusiasts, students and scholars. Dr. V Anil Kumar, Vice Chancellor of the Malayalam University also in charge of the office of the VC of Calicut University handed over the certificates to the participants in the valedictory session. 

4th Seminar on Film Criticism at IFFK Trivandrum

The 4th Seminar on Film Criticism was held on 10 Dec 2019 at the ‘Open Forum’ of FFSI during the 24th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK, 6-13 Dec 2019) on the Topic: ‘Film Criticism in the New Age’. Ms. Etami Borjan, Mr. Nachum Mochiach, Mr. Madhu Eravankara and Ms. Sadia Khalid Reeti took part in the discussion moderated by Mr. Siladitya Sen. The Seminar was chaired by Mr. V K Joseph.

3rd Seminar on Film Criticism at IFFI Goa

The 3rd Seminar on Film Criticism was held on 24 Nov 2019 from 4 PM to 5 PM at the Black Box Auditorium, Kala Academy, Panaji, Goa during the 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI, 20-28 Nov 2019) on the Topic: ‘Film Criticism in India: An Introspection’. The Seminar was organized in collaboration with the Directorate of Film Festivals, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. Mr. Ashok Rane, Mr. Madhu Eravankara, Mr. M K Raghavendra, Mr. N Vidyashankar, Ms. Meenakshi Shedde and Ms. Meena Karnik took part in the discussion moderated by Mr. G P Ramachandran. The Seminar was chaired by Mr. V K Joseph.

Discussion on ‘Documentaries to Forefront: Role of the Critics’

Fipresci-India Discussion on ‘Documentaries to Forefront: Role of the Critics’ held on 24 June Monday 3-5 PM at Kairalai Theatre Complex Thiruvanthapuram at the 12th International Documentary and Short Film Festival Kerala (IDSFFK, 21-26 June 2019) organised by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. Bina Paul inaugurated the program. (L-R): GP Ramchandran, Amrit Gangar, V K Joseph, Premendra Mazumder, C S Venkiteswaran, Priya Thuvassery, Namrata Joshi and H Shaji. 

Launch of FIPRESCI-India Website

The Official Website of Fipresci-India  was launched on 14 April 2019. The website is updated regularly with all relevant reports and circulars.

International Seminar on Film Criticism

Fipresci-India has successfully conducted the ‘International Seminar on Film Criticism’ on 25th Feb. 2019 as per schedule at the 11th Bengaluru International Film Festival-BIFFES. Mr. Nachum Mochiach (Israel),  Mr. Siraj Syed (India), Mr.  Kaj Van Zoolen (The Netherlands) and Mr. Ashok Rane (India) delivered their paper/talk in the seminar. Eminent filmmaker Mr. Girish Kasaravalli, Artistic Director of BIFFES Mr. N Vidyashankar, Former Presidents of Fipresci-India Ms. Aruna Vasudev and Mr. Narahari Rao graced the occasion chaired by the President Mr. V K Jospeh.

Report-International Seminar on Film Criticism
Report-Paper by Siraj Syed-International Seminar on Film Criticism

Fipresci Jury in BIFFES-2019

1st Fipresci Jury was installed in the 11th Bengaluru International Film Festival held from 21 to 28 February with Kaj Van Zoelen from The Netherlands, Nachum Mochiach from Israel and Siraj Syed from India as its members.

Fipresci-India Critics Jury in SASFF-2019

This is the first time Fipresci-India Critics’ Jury was installed in the 2nd South Asian Short Film Festival organised by the Federation of Film Societies of India (Eastern Region) at Nandan from 18 to 31 March to conferChidananda Dasgupta Critics’ Award for the Best Short Fiction and P K Nair Critics’ Award for the Best Documentary with Cash, Trophy and Citation. Siraj Syed, Meena Karnik and S Viswanath were nominated by Fipresci-India (Link: Following Awards were decided by them:
P K Nair Critics’ Award for the Best Documentary (Cash, Trophy and Citation): Displacement and Resilience (India, 60M) by Chandita Mukherjee (Citation: Homeless and country-less, refugees pay the price for wars and purges. The film takes us deep into their psyche and focuses on the humanitarian work being done for their rehabilitation!)
Chidananda Dasgupta Critics’ Award for the Best Short Fiction (Cash, Trophy and Citation):  The Stitch (India, 8M) by Asiya Zahoor. (Citation: A trivial incident in the life of a Kashmiri school-girl is used as a metaphor for the predicament Kashmiris find themselves in. Brilliantly understated, the film uses the short film format judiciously!)